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Tiffany Nicole Terry

Mother. Author. Drifter. 

Communications Manager. 

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Young Adult Fantasy

The Sister Worlds trilogy is a look at three young women overcoming challenges in worlds controlled by
men, machines, and monsters. How will they save their worlds, themselves, and each other, when everyone is telling them that because they are women, they will never succeed. 

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The dragons are extinct, but their war continues. 


Can the land’s sole female fighter find her place in a realm ruled by men?

If you like strong-minded heroines, ancient conflicts, and uplifting quests, then you’ll love Tiffany Nicole Terry’s action-packed adventure. 


Kingdom of Machines_Wings eBook.jpg

They’re from different planets, with opposite lives.


Will their unlikely pact take down tyranny… or lead to destruction?


If you like conflicted heroes, post-apocalyptic battles, and a dash of steampunk style, then you’ll love Tiffany Nicole Terry’s absorbing adventure. 


Kingdom of Monsters_Wings eBook.jpg

She is the first female leader, still just a child, and the dragons are calling for war.


Will she and KaLeah be able to stop the invasion and slake the spirits' desire for blood?


Kingdom of Monsters is the dark third book in the captivating Sister Worlds YA fantasy series. available now on Amazon.


More formats in more locations coming soon!

YA Fantasy

Children's Books

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People come from far and wide to bring gifts to the princess, hoping to win the prize of the kingdom. 

But maybe she has the strength to rule on her own!

A book for parents who want their girls to learn self-confidence and value in not only what they have, but who they are.

Cover. front only.jpg

Freya is lonely in her castle tower. She wants to be friends with the villagers, but they run away screaming every time she comes near. 

Will they ever accept her?

A book for children learning to make friends in a world where different is not always accepted. 

0 Cover square.jpg

A little acorn is left to grow into a tree all on her own. She has to deal with growth, pain, fear, and loneliness. 


But by staying strong and helping others, she finally grows a family up around her.

A book for parents trying to teach kids the importance of persistence and family.

Children's Books
Kingdom of Monsters_Silhouette.jpg


TNT is a corporate communications manager by day, a novelist by night, and a mother to two daughters and two dogs every moment in between.


A bit of a bohemian nomad, she has lived in every time zone in the continental United States but prefers to live where she can see mountains on the horizon.

She is passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion, and believes that the world can be a kinder and more sustainable place.


Her books are full of positive empowerment messaging for girls, especially those raised through trauma, neglect, and abuse.


What these books are all really about:

I first dreamt up the story about KaLeah of Naldash when I was a teenager in Oklahoma. I lived in an emotionally controlling and abusive household, and I was “in love” with a toxic young man. Obsessed with him, I wrote the first draft of my story in college for a class. Years later, I married that man and entered into an abusive relationship that lasted long enough for me to realize my daughters were in danger of continuing the cycle my mother and I had lived for decades. I had to stop it. It took my unconditional love for my daughters to finally end my toxic love affair with a man I had obsessed over for 17 years.


Healing comes in all forms. There is therapy, there are support groups, there are good friends, there is spirituality, and for me, there was also a lot of writing. By completing this trilogy, I have completed so much necessary healing. It took me 225,000 words to heal. Have no doubt that this is my story turned fantasy / sci-fi / dystopian / steam punk. It’s basically a memoir.

My wish is that these books make it into the hands of girls who need them. I needed this trilogy when I was locked into abusive patterns. I needed to see myself on the pages, I needed to make connections between what is and isn’t love, and what is and isn’t healthy.  I wasn’t allowed to go to a therapist. I saw no healthy examples of love in my life. I saw whirlwind romance in 120-minute movies and thought that I knew very clearly what I needed. I was wrong.

This trilogy isn’t just for girls like me. It isn’t just for girls growing up in toxic, abusive households with no example of love. It isn’t just for girls who have to be strong, protective, and independent to survive. It is also for their friends. It is also for young adults who are passionate about saving their world and loving the people around them more deeply. It is about family and connection. It is about choosing people who choose you.

I hope that it helps heal the people who need to see that they are not alone.

I wrote my children's books lying in bed with my toddlers, reading them books. Sometimes I would just start making up stories for them. I would ask them questions about the characters, and they would give me ideas as we crafted the stories together. We had sold our home and moved to another state because I had been laid off and my husband, their father, and I were going through a painful divorce. Those books are about finding your strength in a new place, being OK with where you are, who you are, and building a new family around you. These books are for kids but they are also very much for single parents who are starting over.  

If you buy the books, please donate your finished copies to local women and children shelters or give them to a friend in need. Do good. Be good. And please know how amazing you are. <3 TNT

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